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Hey, my name is Bailey. I'm currently Thirteen, and I've figured out that I would love to be a Voice Actor. I've only recently really gotten into "Anime", as we call it. It's been about a year or so. Though, in that year, I've loved it. I've gone to my first Convention, met a Role Model of mine, Vic Mignogna (though what anime fan doesn't look up to him, really?), and even found myself writing my own Fan Fictions.

I've known already for a few months that I'd like to be a Voice Actor. But today, on the bus ride home, something really hit me. I thought about how some kids, like me, really look up to not only the Voice Actors, but also the characters they play. They wait in lines for hours, just to get an Autograph and/or a picture. They squeal whenever they hear them talk, they cosplay as them. I've figured out that, as Self-Centered it sounds, that I'd like that.

I've already surfed Google and Wiki multiple times, but I get the same answers. "Move to Los Angeles/Hollywood/Houston" or "Buy this CD; It'll tell you what to do!" or stuff like that. But, y'see, I can't do that. I'm not in some wealthy family who can move whenever they like. I won't have money and a Good Job when I'm in College, so I won't be able to move then, either. The best thing I'll be able to do, most likely, is be either a waitress or work at Wal-Mart. I'm one of the lucky ones at school and can easily read the big words and understand them, plus I've never gotten a C on a Report Card and I'm practically in all Advanced Classes, so getting into a good college won't be a problem. I can't exactly be in the Drama Club this year because, for one, I never got the Signup sheet and, two, I'm in a situation to where I can't be in any after-school programs. Luckily, though, we do have In-School Choir, so I can do that. I've actually been in Choir since Fourth Grade, and my Choir back then Doubled as Drama and Chorus. Actually, if we really want to be Technical, I was interested in Acting since First Grade, when I became the "Big Bad Wolf" in our School Play without a hitch! So I doubt that will be a problem, either.

I'm just tired of hearing the same thing over and over. I know this already. I'm sorry, but I do. And most of that stuff I can't and most likely won't be able to do. I may sound pushy, or like I'm getting my Hopes up, or even that I'm thinking too fast for such a Slow Process. But, in all Honesty, the thought of this makes me feel so happy and excited that I can't help but think of this.

Thanks. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it...!

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Q: How do you become a Young Voice Actor?
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