5 year old hen could still lay eggs?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is not impossible for her to drop an egg now and then. There is a chance it will be soft and unformed as her best egg producing capacity is long past. Eggs from hens this age and older are sometimes soft and a rubber egg. There is often not enough calcium to harden it properly. Eggs like this are not generally eaten even on the farm as they do not offer enough protection from bacteria and disease to warrant the risk. Here at Jadeacres we call them dog eggs and use them as a treat for the pups.

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Q: 5 year old hen could still lay eggs?
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Do you need a cockerel if you have hen or will they still lay eggs?

The hen will lay eggs either way, she will lay more if you have a rooster and the eggs will be fetilized

When a hen laid 10 dozen eggs in one year. How many eggs is that?

120 eggs.

How many eggs does a female chicken lay in a year?

your average chicken/hen lays about 260 eggs a year.

How a zookeeper could make sure only females hatch from the eggs?

the hen will give the eggs

How many eggs does a hen in battery farming lay?

About 300 a year

How many eggs will a speckled sussex hen lay in a year?


How many eggs will a polish hen lay in a year?

None...only Polish roosters lay eggs.

Do the eggs get fertilized same day The male mounts the hen from behind and stands on her back?

a hen can still lay fertilized eggs up to 30 days after contact with a rooster

A 5-year old hen?

Five year old hens are not uncommon. She will not likely be producing any eggs at this age. She can be used for a brood hen or a pet.

How many eggs does a black star hen lay in a year?

one at a time

Is an egg today better than a hen tomorrow?

It could be said the value of a chicken is more than an egg. The average hen could produce as many as 400 eggs per year, if some were fertilized then as many as four broods of 12 chicks over that same time period and still be a valuable source of food. You only get to eat the egg once.

How do you get a hen off her fertile eggs?

Pick her up. You could wear gloves, some hens are possessive about their eggs. If the hen is broody and you don't want her to sit on the eggs put her in a cage or somewhere by herself. A hen house that has a section that can be closed off from other hens is a good idea.