A quarry is a group of what animal?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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kind of a duck/bird

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Q: A quarry is a group of what animal?
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What is quarry in hunting?

The animal that you are trying to find and shoot

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What is the qu word A creature being hunted?

The word is quarry. It means an animal hunted or pursued.

How can you use quarry in a sentence?

(The noun quarry has two distinct meanings: 1) A hunted animal; prey 2) An open excavation or stone-cutting pit)Examples (noun)"While stalking his quarry, the hunter tracked it to a cave in the nearby quarry.""The marble for all the columns came from the same quarry, so they match beautifully.""The eagle had spotted his quarry, a rabbit running for the thick bushes.""Although all of the deputies pursued the escaped prisoner, their quarry eluded them for days."Examples (verb)"The Romans used Greek slaves to quarry marble for the buildings in Rome.""We will quarry this library until we find the resources we need."

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of Quarry

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