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The Wolf (Canis Lupus) are sometimes found alone, but that is usually when they have been driven from their pack, or are in search of new territory. A pack normally consists of a male, female, and their young and the size may change over time.

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Pengiuns are example

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Q: Animals raising their young in packs is an example?
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Why do animals raise their young in packs?

Animals raise their young in packs because packs usually stay together for life they are loyal. Also a pack will watch out for the young ones as if they where their own so it keeps them safer.

Do jaguars live in packs or by themselves?

Except for females with young, jaguars are solitary animals.

How do dingos get their food?

they hunt in packs for small animals ans young hummans

Are penguins sea animals?

Although penguins spend a lot of time in the sea, they are land animals. They live most of their lives away from the sea, raising their young.

Which group of animals shares raising the young?

wolves, African wild dogs, banded mongooses, and elephants

How animals protect their young ones?

Animals protect their young in different ways. Kangaroos for an example carry their young in a pouch while birds keep their young in a nest.

How many echidnas live together?

Echidnas are solitary animals. Apart from when the mother is raising young, they live completely alone.

What are some of the ways Africans obtain their food?

Hunting game, raising young animals (chickens, goats ,sheep) and planting seeds

What is the role if male raccoon in raising young?

The male raccoon leaves the female after mating and plays no role in raising the young.

What role do male possums play in raising their young?

Male possums do not play an active role in raising the young joeys.

Are ocelots social animals?

No they like to be alone most of the time and that is what they prefer.

What are dolphin instincts?

Raising their young