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no! they can't it's really really really bad for them

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Rabbits will not eat onions.

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Wrong my Rabbits did eat onions and they died!

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Q: Are green onions good for rabbits to eat?
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Can pigs eat onions?

No, rabbits can't eat ANY kind of onion. Onions -- all kinds of onions, and all parts of the onion plant -- are poisonous to rabbits. See the related link below about toxic plants. See the related questions below about how to feed a rabbit.

Do you eat the green part of the green onion?

Yes you can eat the green part and the white partof green onions

What green forest plant do rabbits eat?

domestic rabbits need more than this but they can eat: clover, wild onions dandelions "fat" grass some flowers rabbits know what they cant eat. Most of the time they will refuse what is bad for them. But this doesnt mean that you can give them anything and they will refuse it. Sometimes they might eat something bad like chocolate.

Do rabbits eat lettice?

Yes rabbits love lettuce they eat just about everythink which is green

What kind of food do they eat in?

they eat bread, beans, onions, green vegtables, ect.

Can yourkie eat green peppers and onions?

It can eat them but it SHOULD NOT eat them, dogs should be fed on meat.

Can bunnies eat the leaves on carrots?

Oh yeah. Rabbits love the leaves on carrots. Don't feed rabbits cabbage (its too hard on their stomach) or onions.

Are Rabbits Canivore or omnivore or herbivore?

Rabbits are herbivores who eat grass, leaves, and other green vegatation.

Can rabbits eat fresh cherries?

Only as a special treat... Veggies, hay and alfalfa pellets should remain the standard diet though. However it might be a good idea to remove the pit, just to be safe.

What are Wild rabbits feeding habits?

They eat nearly anything that is green.

Can chickens eat onion?

Yes, they can eat onions and some do eat them. Most chickens will try to eat onions if they are offered but soon give up. The green onion and chives are readily eaten by chickens hunting around in the garden.

What eats a rabbitt?

rabbits eat grasses and plants or just about anything green