Are hens good to eat

Updated: 8/10/2023
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A spent hen is a term used for a hen who is past her prime egg laying years. Most chickens start to lay eggs at about four to six months old. They peak at about eighteen to twenty months of age and although they will continue to lay eggs up to about three years old they may not lay daily. Spent hens are often fattened up with a diet of corn for a few weeks and then used for meat

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If you mean a hen who no longer produces eggs then yes. A hens productive laying years is normally up to 2 or 3 years of age. Many farms use the hens for meat after they no longer produce eggs. A high diet of corn or fatty feed like meat bird pellets can be used for 6 weeks prior to slaughter.

If you mean a bird who has died naturally or been found dead then NO Unless you know the exact cause of the birds demise then do not use the meat and risk illness to your family.

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Q: Are hens good to eat
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