Are rabbits naturally aggressive

Updated: 8/10/2023
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No. In fact, most rabbits are extremely nice once they get to know you.

When rabbits are scared, they tend to bite. Aggression is a common reaction for rabbits that are frightened, angry, insecure, etc. Aggression can also be caused by sexual hormones, territorial feelings, etc.

There are many things you can do help reduce aggression in a rabbit. Spaying/neutering is the first step: it's a safe procedure for most rabbits (at the hands of an experienced, rabbit-savvy vet), and widely recommended. Otherwise, do what you can to control the rabbit's environment so as to maximize his or her sense of security. There are many resources online that can help you. Refer to the related question linked below for information and links.

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Male and female rabbits might display aggressive behavior at sexual maturity, around six to twelve months of age, they don't want to be touched or picked up. They want to destroy everything in sight. This is their way of learning to protect themselves, to establish their social position in the rabbit world. They can often take out their aggression on you or other rabbits. There may be more biting, striking, lunging and chasing. It is advised to neuter just before or shortly after sexual maturity to keep this behavior to a minimum.

Boy, I don't know what strain of rabbit you have but I have raised rabbits most of my adult life and at any given time have had upwards of 200 rabbits in my barn and I never had any that wanted to destroy everything in sight! Most of my rabbits enjoyed being taken out of their cage and groomed and they enjoyed the occasional pat on the head. If a rabbit is 'taking out it's aggression on you and other rabbits' there is more wrong with the rabbit than needing to be neutered or spayed. (Does are spayed not neutered) If your rabbit is biting, striking, and lunging at you it is because it as been teased or hurt by a human. Spaying or neutering will not cure this behavior and may increase it, just one more assault from a human. Treating your bunnies with respect and kindness will go a long way to improve their temperament.

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Q: Are rabbits naturally aggressive
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Do Rabbits Get Along With Sugar Gliders?

In my experience, no. Sugar Gliders can be very aggressive towards other species. I have two male sugar gliders and they are quite aggressive when around my rabbits.

Why are dogs aggressive to rabbits?

Because that's the natural order of things: rabbits are prey and dogs are predators.Not all dogs are aggressive to rabbits, though. Pet rabbits and dogs have been known to get along very well (although they should never be left alone together, no matter how well they behave: too many rabbits have been lost that way).Some dog breeds tend to be more aggressive towards rabbits than others.

Why do bigger rabbits attack smaller rabbits?

Yes, bigger rabbits sometimes attack smaller rabbits, but not always.Rabbits attack other rabbits because they're being aggressive. Rabbits are sometimes aggressive due to fear/anger, or due to sexual hormones.When rabbits are fighting, you should:Prevent them from hurting each other; separate them immediatelyTreat any wounds immediately (first aid and vet care)Socialize the aggressive rabbit(s) and create a habitat that helps them feel safe and secure: they'll become happier and less aggressiveTake care when re-introducing the rabbits

Do pet rabbits ever become aggressive?

yes, yes they do and it hurts

My bunny is very mean and tempormental what can cause this in rabbits so i can change what im doing wrong?

Some bunnies adopt the temperament of their mothers so babies of an aggressive doe can wind up being aggressive, also. Rabbits are very territorial and will get aggressive if they perceive you are invading their territory uninvited. Once a rabbit has been dropped or squeezed and hurt they will shy away from the person or situation in which they were hurt. You don't say how old your rabbit is so I will comment on age. As a rabbit gets older it becomes more aggressive naturally spayed/neutered or not.

Are rabbits aggressive?

i hope someone puts a better answer then i am about to :P as my wording may be a bit off yes and no rabbits are usually inquisitive and social creatures but they can get aggressive if provoked or for a number of other reasons such as being in pain or sick etc the concept that rabbits are complete cowards is a misnomer

Why is rabbits scared of there owners?

Rabbits are naturally timid and skittish because they are prey animals for so many carnivores.

What can cause a heart attack with Netherland Dwarf rabbits?

Well, like most rabbits Netherland dwarfs can be scared into a heart attack. that is why they should be kept inside. many rabbits get heart attacks because of aggressive barking of dogs, aggressive cats, or sudden very loud noises like fireworks.

What kinda animal can rabbits live with?

other small non aggressive mammals are best.

Why does your male dog get aggressive once a year?

They do this because it becomes mating season.

Do you consider boys to be naturally more aggressive then girls?

There isn't one more aggressive then the other, sex doesn't define who you are each person does.

Do rabbits eat Guinea pig?

They might fight but I think all rabbits are herbivores and non aggressive, even if they were they are about the same size so rabbit would not be a predator