Birds are the only thing that has?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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Birds are the only things that have feathers and hollow bones.

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Q: Birds are the only thing that has?
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Which is the bird only mammal?

There is no such thing. Birds and mammals are distinct from one another.

Why are birds a problem for us?

I really don't know but the only thing I do know is that they can carry diseases.

Why only birds fly?

It is not only birds that fly. Bats fly and they are not birds.

What help the birds in flying?

The muscles in the birds body is the only thing that can let a bird fly. But oviously enough, if the wind is strong and blowing to the riht side, the wind l help

What is a bird that does not lay egg and is a mammal called?

There is no such thing. Mammals are one classification, and birds are another. All birds lay eggs. The platypus and the echidna are the only egg-laying mammals.

What are the only birds with penises?

Swans are the only birds that have penises.

Why will adult birds feed other adult birds?

it is a courtship thing, why do you take your date out to dinner? it's the same thing.

Why do you think the bird populations decreased sharply after the rattlesnakes were eliminated?

If the birds ate the rattlesnakes, their only source of food would disappear. This would cause the birds to starve to death.

Is there a such thing as hypoallergenic birds?

Not really

What thing eats catapillors?


How many golden parakeets are in the eath?

there are no birds in the earth. the only thing inside of the earth are rock plates and hot molten lava.

Who taught the birds build the nest?

Themselves - it's a natural thing all birds do