Can Dwarf hamsters mate other hamsters?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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If the male is with the female when she is in heat, they will mate. It's pretty much a given. They should be separated, inbreeding leads to weak litters.

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yes other dwarf hamsters not that much with bigger hamster because the bigger hamster might eat it (the dwarf hamster)

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Q: Can Dwarf hamsters mate other hamsters?
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Can a dwarf hamster mate with a fancy dwarf hamster?

yeah of course they can hamsters can mate with all different hamsters

Do dwarf hamsters mate with mice?


How do dwarf hamsters have babies?

They mate

Will robo dwarf hamsters mate?


Can Robo dwarfs and dwarf hamsters mate?


What other hamsters can go with Asian dwarf hamsters?

Only if it is a dwarf with a dwarf

Can a Chinese dwarf and Chinese pie hamsters mate together?


Do Robo and dwarf hamsters usually mate?

yes you can idk

Can dwarf hamsters mate with regular hamsters?

Lol, probably not. They're sociable with their own kind.

Can a female Robo Dwarf Hamster mate with a male winter white dwarf hamster?

No, they cannot because all hamsters have to be the same breed to mate.

Can two girl dwarf hamsters mate?

Answer No, it needs male reproductive celsNo.

Do dwarf hamsters mate?

YES. How else would they continue the species? ;-) But seriously ... I have a pair of dwarf hamsters, and just yesterday ... babies were born! There is a lot of info online ... just google "dwarf hamster"!