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No, this is a rare thing to happen. Carrying a guinea pig a lot can be a good thing. Especially if you are careful. They love the attention. They should not be left in a noisy room for long periods or very close to the source of the music or noise as this could harm their hearing...just as yours can.

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Q: Can a guinea pig die from a heart attack if you carry it to much or put it by loud noise?
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What does a purring noise mean in a guinea pig language?

This means a guinea pig is experiencing pleasure, enjoyment, or excitement. You will hear this noise when you pet your guinea pig or feeding it a treat. If you hear this noise suddenly when you are not petting your guinea pig it is afraid or it feels threatened. They purr if they hear a loud noise: a telephone ring or a knock on the door.

Do guinea pigs get scared quite a lot?

yeah but if they hear loud noise or something they will prob have a 50-50 chance of getting a heart attack so dont SCARE them i talk from real life exprience but they didnt have a heart attack (CLOSE ONE!) My guinea pigs name is Frosty and she is brown and black I love her and she gets scared if something falls or something loud goes on so dont turn your radio all the way up or dont accidently make like a lamp or something loud fall Because they will get freaked out!

Do guinea pigs do noise because they want another guinea pig?

Possibly, most of the time they make that noise if they get excited, frightened, or want attention from something.

Why does a guinea make noise?

Guinea pigs make noises to show their feelings like fear or exitment.

What noise irritates a guinea pig?

Loud ones. I really want a guinea pig! I hope I get one!

Do guinea pigs make lots of noise?

Yes if they are happy.

What if your guinea pig doesn't make noise?

maybe because he/she is lonely or it's sick

What does it mean when a guinea pig makes a noise when you pick it up?

its normal

Why do guinea pigs make that niose?

it depends on what noise. if it is a very high noise then they want to be put down but if its just a nice pitch they are happy and they also use squeaking to communicate with other guinea pigs

How do guinea pigs warn each other of danger?

they usually squeal really loud or they do a chirping noise.(chirping noise is very rare. my guinea pig only did it once. that was when she first met my dog)

Are guinea pigs afraid of a vacuums?

Guinea pigs are afraid of vacuums for the first 4 or 5 times but after that they get used to the noise and they are not scared.

How the room noise detector will work?

If you make a noise, a man wearing just boxers will attack you