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No. tums are ment for humans. Not really animals. But u could use a medicine ment for guinea pigs.

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Q: Can a guinea pig get better from a tums?
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Which is better a guinea pig or parrot?

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Which is better a snake or guinea pig for kids?

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Can the guinea pig die if you had it in pine bedding then switched it to better bedding?

no. your guinea pig will adjust.

What is better a guinea pig or a bunny?

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Where do you get a guinea pig in Canada?

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Are guinea pigs better with or without a cagemate?

Guinea pig is a social animal, and is always better with a cagemate.

Whats better a dwarf hamster or a guinea pig for a 13-year old?

A guinea pig would likely live longer.

Can you put ceder shavings in a guinea pig cage?

yes,but it will affect the guinea pig (other shavings besides ceder are better for them)

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