Can an Orange cat get pregnant?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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Most Orange cats are male - but not all, so if you have a female orange cat that has not been fixed then yes, she can definitely get pregnant.

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No, that's why they remove ovaries.

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Q: Can an Orange cat get pregnant?
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If you have a cat that is orange that has gold eyeswhat kind of cat is it?

orange cat with gold eyes, how rare is this?

Will you get a n orange kitten if you breed a tabby cat and a orange cat?

orange is sex linked dominate, a female orange cat will almost always have a few orange kittens, and a male orange cat can have orange daughters --- If the orange one is the mother, all the male kittens will be orange. If the orange is the father, you wont get any ginger kittens but you will get tortoiseshell female kittens.

What is an orange pippin?

An orange pippin is a cat that is orange.

What is a white bellied cat whose other parts are orange?

An orange and white cat.

When the cat is pregnant do they pere?

Yes, I've have had a cat that purred while she was pregnant.

A cat has orange furWhat is true of the cat?

it is a Red or Ginger cat.

What color is hermiones cat.?

Her cat is orange and yellow

How do you get into the house with the orange cat on poptropica?

kill the cat

Who would win in a fight a cat or an orange?

The orange, as the cat will soon grow tired of batting an orange round the floor and give up.

How much is a orange cat?

that depends on if it is a savanah cat or a domestic house cat. domestic "orange" cats can be anywhere from free to $50 and a savanah cat can be thousands of dollars

Can a cat get pregnant whilie in heat?

Yes. In fact, that is the only time that a cat can get pregnant.

Who has a orange or yellow cat?