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Any hamster can chew on cardboard. Just be careful and make sure the hamster is safe so he doesn't chew a hole out of it to escape or whatever :)))

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Q: Can black bear hamsters chew on cardboard?
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Do teddy bear hamsters chew on cardboard?

Yes they love to so they can make a hiding place.

Can hamsters have a cardboard cage?

No, they'll chew through it and escape.

Can hamsters chew on cereal box parts?

Hamster can and will chew on a variety of objects. Hamsters are rodents and chew to keep their teeth short. Cardboard is a material hamsters seem to enjoy. Cardboard itself is not harmful to hamsters, but it is possible the ink or glue used in the manufacturing of the product's boxes may health problems. However, many people provide their hamsters with boxes for chewing, hiding, or entertainment with no adverse effects.

Is cuttlefish safe for hamsters to chew on?

Is cuttlefish bone safe for hamsters to chew on

What kind of allergies do teddy bear hamsters have?

A Teddy Bear Hamster's real name is a Syrian Hamster. Syrian Hamsters are often allergic to cedar and pine. That's why these should be used as bedding, chew toys, etc.

How do you make a hamsters cage out of cardboard?

You DON'T .... unless you are waiting for them to be running around your house or worse..... get stuck IN the hole they chew thru it trying to get out....... Any other questions??

What stuff do hamsters like to do?

sleep all day for they are nocturnal. eat all night and run in their hamster wheel, if you dont get them a hamster wheel they will chew on their cage all night. or you can give them a cardboard tube, they'll happily chew that

Can hamsters chew on dog biscets?

No They Will Die.

Do hamsters eat your furniture?

Hamsters may chew furniture to make bedding but not to eat it.

Will hamsters chew on paper?

If they wanted to yes. They love to chew, and paper is like candy to them. You got wallpaper and it has glue on it which makes it even more fun for them. Yah they can and will. Get them a cage lol.

Are bats attracted to cardboard?

Different Bats eat many different things , actually eating plain cardboard is unlikely, however they may chew up or chew through cardboard that has some sort of food residue.

Can robo hamsters chew out of cage?

No. If you have a metal cage, it can't chew through it unless it's a squirrel ;)