Can frogs create heat

Updated: 8/10/2023
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No, it drys out there skin and then they die from the heat and loss of moisture in there body.

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No but keep him warm

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yah when you burn them on a fire

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Q: Can frogs create heat
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When are frogs most active in the cold or heat?

In the heat, frogs are cold blooded so they require heat to be able to deliver blood to their cells

What do frogs use to create food?

Ther legs

How do frogs maintain stable internal conditions?

Frogs actually maintain homeostasis in their body through their excretory system. Their skin is moist in order to facilitate oxygen and gas exchange.

What do tadpoles need to change into frogs?

heat food and fresh water

Do fire belly frogs need a heat rock?

No, they do not, but if your home is cold, a small heat lamp may be necessary.

Do solar panels get more heat from the sun?

No, solar panels do not create heat they create energy

Is wind used to produce heat?

Wind can be used to create electricity which in turn can be used to create heat.

Why are frogs called a cold blooded animal?

They need heat in their blood to move.

What does friction create?


Why do frogs migrate to roads in early spring?

Roads absorb heat reflected from the sun. Frogs are coldblooded and the heat from the asphalt or concrete helps speed up their metabolism, helping them digest the abundant offerings of spring, faster and more efficiently

Can you heat materials to create electricity?

Not actually heat,things can b burned to create electricity.for example- coal. This is used in thermal power station to create eldctricity.

How do furnaces create heat?