Can guinea pigs have apple sauce?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes guinea pigs can eat applesauce. In fact people often syringe feed their guinea pigs applesauce after surgery, or when they are sick, to prevent starvation/dehydration.

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Q: Can guinea pigs have apple sauce?
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Do guinea pigs like barbacue sauce?

No it can kill them.

Is apple juice great for the guinea pigs in the world or not?


Can guinea pigs eat apple tree branches and leaves?


Does apple and lettuce give guinea pigs diarea?

yes lettuce and apple give diarea to guinea pigs but some types of apple are okay for some, though i don't risk it. There are also other foods that have the same effect.

Do guinea pigs have a limit for apple seeds I know they are poisonous but do they have some sort of limit to it?

Apple seeds are not poisonous to guinea pigs. I give apples with the seeds in to my guinea pigs everyday. However one must be careful as guinea pigs can choke easily on apple seeds. Please NEVER give guinea pigs ANY type of seeds because thy can choke on them. If you have been giving them seeds and nothing has happened that doesn't mean seeds are safe, it means you guinea pig has been very lucky. Ask any exotic or cavy savy vet.

Are carrots good for guinea pigs?

Yes!! They needle vitamin C. And carrots are full of vitamin C.

If your guinea pig has scabs do you have to take it to a vet?

Are you feeding your guinea pigs apple? Some guinea pigs are allergic to apples, and scabs can appear around their mouths. I would stop feeding them apple, but I think you should really take your guinea pig to the vets if this happens.

Can guinea pigs drink apple cider vinegar?

no because our guinnea pig is preganant

Can guinea pigs eat hazel branches or twigs?

Never feed your guinea pigs random twigs! You never know what might make them fatally ill! Apple branches, however are brill for guinea pigs. You can also buy special wood chews from pet shops!

Are guinea pigs a pig or?

No!!!!!!!They are actually part of the rodent family.

Are guinea pigs vegetarian?


How many guinea pigs do guinea pigs have?

I have three