Can hamsters eat guinea pig food?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes. But hamsters also need grains.

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yes but not for long abot 2 weeks

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Q: Can hamsters eat guinea pig food?
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Will the male guinea pig eat his newborns?

No, unlike hamsters guinea pigs don't eat their you no matter what. No, unlike hamsters guinea pigs don't eat their you no matter what.

What if a mouse and a guinea pig share food will the guinea pig die?

a guinea pig and a mouse aren't the same the guinea pig must have its own type of food like alphalpha pelets and hamsters should eat seeds,nuts,etc. Seeds and nuts are like poison to a guinea pig if the guinea pig and mouse are just eating alphalpha pelets (not seeds) i would say its ok.

Can guinea pigs equals gs eat hamster and gerbil food?

No, guinea pigs cannot eat hamster or gerbil food, because they're not hamsters or gerbils. Guinea pigs can eat guinea pig food that doesn't contain any seeds, nuts, grains, milk or coloured bits.

What will happien if you hold a baby guinea pig to early?

guinea pigs are not tlike hamsters after a day or too you can hold on hamsters will eat their young but guinea pigs wont

How does a guinea pig eat?

I think it is the same as a hamster. by the way guinea pigs are NOT cute. hamsters are much cuter.

Can a guinea pig eat dragon fruit?

No hamsters can not eat dragon fruit because the seeds will choke them

Which continent would eat guinea pig?

Can hamsters eat kiwi fruit with seeds?

Yes! But your pig might not eat it because all guinea pigs have different food preferences.Great AnswerNot HelpfulReport

You want a guinea pig but you have 6 hamsters?

You can still get your Guinea Pig, just whatever you do, DO NOT put them together!!!! They will fight, and they have different hours for everything, like sleeping. they also eat different food. But i would still get a Guinea pig, they are WONDERFUL pets!!!! Take care and God Bless! :)

Can a mini pet pig eat guinea pig food?

yes it can

How does guinea pig eat their food?

through there mouths!

You accidentally bought hamster foods is OK your guinea pig eat the hamster foods?

No it isn't ok. Guinea PIg food is made for Guinea Pigs. Your Cavy will get sick if they do eat hamser food.