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No. Mixing species is never a good idea when it comes to rodents.

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yes. but the babys with look UGLY!!!!

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Q: Can you mate a gerbil and a hamster together?
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What is a small mouse like animal?

A Gerbil or a Hamster.

How long should you leave a male and a female hamster together to mate?

because the female only comes into season every four days, then you should but them together four nights in a row. if she attacks the male, then she is not ready to mate, and you should carry on until they have mated. when she attacks the male, then you should separate them immediately , with thick gardening gloves! when she is ready to mate then the signs are obvious, she will stand still and let the male mate with her. they should only be put together for 15 minutes or so, and you must always be watching them. if you leave them together for longer than that, then the female will get more and more active, and may turn on the male if he is still trying to mate with her. also, you should never put the male into the female's cage. even if she is ready to mate, she will attack him. always introduce them in the male 's cage or on unknown ground. i don't think that's true, i always stick my male hamster in the female cage and there just as happy together. it doesn't matter. my female prefers that the male is in her cage.

How long after the female emerges from the pupa will she mate?

the female hamster will mate straight away :)

How do hamster's find each other to mate?

Usually in the wild its natural. When owners breed hamsters they put a male and a female together and hope for the best.

What is the difference between a Hamster and a gerbil?

1. A gerbil has got a long tail and a hamster has a short stub. 2. A gerbil is a bit like a rat, but smaller, with a furry tail and a shorter snout. 3. Gerbils LOVE chewing and shredding up things, but hamsters don't as much. 4. Gerbils come from the desert. They don't pee very often because they don't drink much. 5. Gerbils are awake during the day. Hamsters are nocturnal. 6. Hamsters have more dark meat.A gerbil is much less a people critter. A gerbil also sleeps 4 hours, then is awake four hours. A hamster (notice the spelling, no p) is noternal. Plus, a gerbil chews everything, while a hamster doesn't. Therefore, a gerbil cannot be put into the plastic houses for ever, because they will find a way to eat it and escape.

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Can gerbil siblings have babies?

No there is a big chance of illnes just get a nother gerbil who is not a sibiling of your hamster to mate them

Can a teddy bear hamster and gerbil mate?

i don't think so.

Can a gerbil kill a hamster?

It is possible. a hamster should not be kept with a gerbil. The hamster may also try kill the gerbil if it dislikes it.

Can you put a female hamster and a male gerbil together?

yes because they will have babbies

I have a male hamster and i want to get a female hamster will they fight or mate?

They will mate if you put them together but they might fit also They will mate if you put them together but they might fit also they will mate but they might also fight to

Is carl a hamster or a gerbil?

he is a hamster

Is a gerbil half rat and hamster?

no its a gerbil

What do you call a male hamster or gerbil?

a gerbil is called a gerbil

What is a small mouse like animal?

A Gerbil or a Hamster.

Can a teddy bear hamster and a Mongolian gerbil live in the same cage?

Syrian Hamsters will kill and eat a gerbil, do not put them together in the same cage.

Can you introduce gerbil to a hamster?

It's not a good idea. Gerbils can live together in groups of several, if the cage is large enough. Hamsters, on the other hand, live very solitary lives and will fight with other hamsters when they become adults. I have never seen a hamster and a gerbil living together, and I can only imagine that the hamster will attack the gerbil if left alone with it for more than a couple hours.

Is a gerbil better then a Hamster?

Depends. If you like a hamster you like it. If you like a gerbil you like it. Everyone has a different opinon