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You can use a large Furminator on long and short haired dogs. With the short haired dogs, it may not take as much of the dog's hair out as you want though.

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Q: Can you use a furminator large and long haires dog for a short haired dog?
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Does the Furminator De Shedding Dog Grooming Tool Short Hair Medium Breeds ship to Malta?

Yes, the Furminator De Shedding Dog Grooming Tool Short Hair Medium Breeds are usually shipped to Malta.

Are pugs long haired or short haired?

Pugs are short haired dogs but they do moult a lot :)

How are cats a gateway to hell?

Short Answer Yes, Long Answer Yes, with some exceptions. Long-haired cats are hell in small domiciles. Short-haired cats are satanic in large packs.

Is the toyger and the boxer short haired?

Toygers can be long or short haired, though the short haired is the most common variety. Boxer dogs are always short haired, and their colors range from fawn to brindle.

Is a cougar short haired or long haired?

Short, very much like a lion's. Mainly short hair alright.

Is long hair stronger than short hair?

It really depends on how healthy the hair is because just pretend you have one short haired dog and one long haired dog and i have one short haired dog and one long haired dog. You take GREAT care of the long haired dogs fur and not as good care of the short haired dogs fur and i am just the opposite. My short haired dogs fur will be stronger than my long haired dogs fur and your long haired dogs fur will be stronger than your short haired dog. So it just depends on how you care for the hair.

Do chihuahuas have long or short hair?

There are both long-haired and short-haired chihuahuas, so both.

Are exotic short haired cats actually short haired?

Yes. I see why you're confused, though.

How do you stop Jack Russell terrier shedding?

You really can't stop a dog from shedding, but if you want a Jack Russell that sheds less, than you will want a long-haired over a short-haired. To prevent frequent shedding in short-haired Jack Russell's, brush daily. They will still shed some, but it won't be as bad.

Why do short haired cats lay on people?

its not just short haired cats its lots of cats most cats wants attention and love but short haired cats might need the warmth

Are boxers and doberman pinschers shorth haired?

Purebred Boxers and Doberman Pinschers are short haired dogs. If these breeds are anything but short haired, they are mixed with another breed.

What is the cross for a pure breeding short haired guinea pig and a long haired guinea pig?

Well, there isn't one main cross. Two guinea pigs I had (one was short haired and the other one was long haired) gave birth to three guinea pigs. Two were short haired and the other was long haired. Hope I helped!