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Yes, Prehistoric horses became extinct in North America during the Ice Age. Recent research has suggested that their extinction was either climate related or human induced. The Spanish brought over horses to the America's in the 15th century - as can be reinforced by multiple indigenous American accounts of Spanish arrival.

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Q: Did horses became extinct in north America during the ice age?
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Where there horses in America before the Spaniards took them there?

yes, there were native horses, but then they became extinct and stayed extinct, until the Spaniards brought them back to America. =D

Where Horses extinct in North America during the ice age?

Horses did indeed become extinct in North America!. They survived, however in other countries.

Did horses become extinct North America during the ice ages?

Horses were brought to America by the conquistadors. Therefore they were not in North America during the ice age.

Which animal became extinct?

North anerican horses, the horse in America today are from Europe

Are horses from North America?

Horses originally evolved in North America and then migrated away to other countries over the ice bridges. Then at some point once the ice bridges had gone they became extinct on the North American continent.

Who brought horses first to the US and why?

horses became extinct in the us un'till columbus brought them back

What is a horses continent?

Eurasia. However prehistoric horses actually originated from North America, and it is likely that some herds, before going extinct, probably moved into Eurasia when the Land bridge between North America and what is now Russia was present, evolving into the modern horse of Equus calabus.

Was there horses in south America before the conquistadors?

No, they were first brought by the Conquistadors and later by other Europian colonists. ================ Answer: There were horses throughout the Americas up to the end of the Pleistocene Period. They became extinct at about the same time as woolly mammoths, American camels, dire wolves, sabre-toothed cats, stag-moose and woolly rhinoceros. So yes, there were horses in South America long before the conquistadors - but they were tiny prehistoric horses, about the size of a large dog, and they became extinct long before the Spaniards arrived.

Who brought the Horse to the Indians?

The horses were already there for the indians.

Why do history books claim Europeans brought the first horses to America?

Because the Conquistadors brought the first modern horses to America. The horses that were native to the Americas were extinct by the time Europeans got here.

How many horses are there?

World-wide there are literally millions. In fact, horses were native to North America originally, but for reasons not clearly understood, they became extinct here many millennia ago. They were reintroduced from Europe. Today, the horse population in North America is much larger than any other time in it's history.

Who were the first to reintroduced horses in North America?

The fossil evidence shows that primitive horses were once indigenous to the Americas, but that they became extinct long ago. The Spanish reintroduced horses into Central and South America. Some horses escaped, and wild horses gradually migrated north into the North American prairies, where the American Indians tamed them. By the time of white settlement of the American West, the horses were well established. The new settlers simply assumed that horses had always been there.