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No. horses can have white spots, but not all have white spots.

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Q: Do all horses have a white spot on them?
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What breed of horses is the brown one with the white spot on the forehead?

Lots of horses are brown and have a 'white dot' on their forehead. the 'white dot' is actually called a star

Where are white horses located at?

There are white horses of all breeds all around the world. You need to be more specific in your question.

Why are white horses called gray?

White horses are called gray because underneath all that white fur, their skin is grey/black. NOT pink.

Why is White Spot called White Spot?

It is called the White Spot because it's a big white spot! Hope this helps!

Is George Washingtons white horse white?

No, his horse was actually a grey. There are no "pure white" horses. They are all grays. Even the Lipizzaner horses of Vienna are grey.

Are white horses real?

Yes there are white horses.

What are all the colours of all horses?

White, Brown, Black (that i've seen)

Is white spot in USA?

White Sport is not in the United States. White Spot is in Canada.

Can horses be white?

No, horses can't actually be white, they are technically grey.

What color do horses not see?

Horses only see in black and white and flouresant red NO horses can se all colurs just like humans.

From earliest times what color horses are mythologised with exceptional properties?

White horses If you're on howrse the answer is white horses. If you're not on howrse it's still white horses.

What is a marking of a horses hair called?

Well, it depends on the marking and where it is located on the horses body. Facial Markings: Star- small white spot on a horses forehead Strip/Stripe- long, skinny, white stripe that runs down a horses face, and ends at/before the nose Blaze- long, thick stripe of white that runs down the horses face but stops at or before the nose, and does not touch the eyes Bald- white covering a horses face almost entirely Snip- white marking on a horses nose area, between or on nostrils Lip- a white spot on a horses lip Leg Markings: Coronet- a white strip that goes all around the coronary band Half-Cannon: a white marking that runs halfway up the cannon bone Half-Pastern: a white markings that runs halfway up the pastern Sock- a white markings that ends slightly above the fetlock joint Stocking: a white markings that runs all the way up the leg but ends at the knee Ermine spots: colored spots that are on the coronary band on top of a white leg marking Other Markings: Brand- A design burned into the skin to identify an animal Freeze Brand- A brand made by freezing instead of heat. The hair grows in white. Usually letters or numbers are used. Scar- A permanent mark left by an injury that has healed. Birdcahtcher Spots- random white dots on a solid-colored horse's body

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