Do cats steal other cats' babies?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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if their baby dies or they want to kill it for territory yes they will.

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Q: Do cats steal other cats' babies?
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Why do cats steal a baby's breath?

They don't - that's just an old superstition.

Why do cats runaway when they're about to have babies?

cats runaway when they have babies cause they get scared that other cats will find them so they run and hide then after a week or 2 it will come back and have they're babies at home in a place where it is warm keep your cats close!

How does a cheetah have babies?

Like most other 'wild cats' do?

The hazardous effects of cats around babies after birth?

Cats present no danger to babies. This is an old wives tale (a myth). People used to think that cats could "steal your breath" and kill you, and that they were especially dangerous to babies. Cats do not "steal your breath." They just like to sleep near (or on) sleeping humans, because they enjoy the warmth of the human body.The fact that cats often like to sleep near your head caused people to think that they somehow suffocated babies (and adults). Babies sometimes die of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). The family would find the baby dead in its crib, and the cat sleeping next to the baby. Because they could not come up with a scientific explanation for the baby's death, they would assume the cat had done it, when in fact, the cat was just an innocent bystander.No one really knows exactly what causes SIDS, but we doknow that it is definitely not caused by cats.

Where do cats get babies from?

They are mammals and have offspring in the same manner as other mammals, by sexual reproduction.

Can cats have babies after having babies a week after?

yes it can happen but those cats can have birth defects.

Do dolphins steal other dolphin babies?

No. If dolphins like an orca got in a fight with a calf around ( a baby dolphin ) the calf may die but they don't steal the calves.

How do kangaroos clean their babies?

They lick them, just like dogs and cats and most other mammals.

Did native American Indians steal babies from other tribes?

Many tribes would steal babies and children from other tribes who had killed some of their own. These children, traditionally, would be given to the grieving family as a replacement for their own lost children, and most often, adopted into the tribe and raised as one of their own.

Do boy cats have nibbles?

No, male cats do not have nipples, only females (girl cats)do this is when they are going to have babies, so the babies will be able to drink their milk.

Can your cats have babies on touch pet cats?

maybe, maybe not

Do male cats bite the female cat for killing?

Male cats doe not generally bit female cats for killing prey. They may attempt to steal their food if they are not associated with the other cat through a prior relationship.