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No, absolutely not. Hens sit on their eggs until they hatch. They actually nestle their feathers above and around the eggs and keep them warm, but people say they are sitting or setting on their eggs.

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No they sit on the eggs to incubate them. To be more specific the female hen does and not the rooster.

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Q: Do chickens and roosters hatch their eggs in their mouth?
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Do boy chickens lay eggs?

Generally speaking, no. Male fowl do not lay eggs. However, there is a mythological creature known as a cockatrice that is said to hatch from an egg laid by a cock and incubated by a toad(or a snake, depending on the story).

Do you need a rooster to get your chickens to start laying eggs?

No, they will lay eggs even if they don't have a rooster. If you want chicks however you have to have a rooster.Yes chickens doo. they start to lay eggs at about 6-8 weeks of age regardless if there is a rooster around or not. if you have a rooster you can not eat the eggs as they may be fertile. in extreem heat or cold chickens may not lay for a few weeks expectialy if the temprature changed quickley. chickens also go cluckey, wich means they want to become a mum. they will sit on the nest if the is a egg there or not and can die if it is very hot. it is then they must be taken of the nest by force. when nesting they can be quite frocious and peek you. they will also do this without a rooster. they are great to have around and make your home feel that little bit better.

What do roosters do for the egg?

Roosters are known to crow at the break of dawn, but they can actually crow at any time of the day. They do so to proclaim their territory. Some roosters crown almost constantly while others only crow a few times a day.

How do roosters get the hen pregnant?

Roosters don't get the hen pregnant but fertilise the eggs inside her. Chickens are born not from a Mother hen but come from the eggs she lays. The egg fertilisation process takes place when the rooster "Mounts" the hen.

Do chickens have to mate to lay eggs?

Not at all. Chickens do not need to mate to lay eggs, but they must mate in order for these eggs to be fertile, i.e. able to hatch into chicks.

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Why do chickens give us eggs?

They 'give' us eggs because it is normal for them to reproduce, but they are not fertilised by roosters so they do not hatch like fertilised eggs and we can eat them.

Is it possible to hatch the eggs in your refrigerator?

Chickens are one of the few animals that will lay infertile eggs. The eggs in your refrigerator would never hatch. That would be true even if they had never been in your refrigerator but had been in a nest. (A few chickens are put in pens with roosters. They lay fertile eggs. The eggs hatch and produce little chicks. Some of those will again grow up to be put in pens with roosters. Others will take the jobs of laying eggs. Others will become food.)

Will store bought eggs hatch?

No not normally as they are genealy not fertilsed. However if the store got them from a farm where roosters can get to the chickens there is a posibility of this happening.

How long does it take for a roosters egg to hatch?

Roosters don't lay eggs. Hens do.

Do all chickens lay eggs?

The females from all breeds of chickens lay eggs. Some hens stop laying when they are old, but there are no breeds or varieties of chickens in which the females do not lay eggs. Roosters, as the male of the species, never lay eggs.

If a rooster lays an egg on a roof which way will it fall i know but how many of you know?

There is no egg. (Roosters do not lay eggs).

Do boy chickens lay eggs?

Generally speaking, no. Male fowl do not lay eggs. However, there is a mythological creature known as a cockatrice that is said to hatch from an egg laid by a cock and incubated by a toad(or a snake, depending on the story).

How do you hatch chickens in minecraft?

Use eggs.

What is the difference between laying chickens and meat chickens?

Chickens only lay eggs. Baby chickens (chicks) hatch from those eggs and grow up. If the eggs are not fertilized, however, then they will not hatch. Those are the ones that are eaten.

Why do roosters eat hen eggs?

Actually, roosters are usually the only kind of chicken eaten. Hens are kept for egg laying and a few roosters stay on a farm to fertilize the many females. Since few are needed to keep the flock fertile, the roosters not eaten (There are a large excess of them after the eggs hatch) are sold to food processing plants. I hope I have answered your question.

Do roosters encourage chickens to lay more often?

No, chickens normally lay eggs once every 24 hours.. roosters wouldn't encourage the hens to lay more often.

Do roosters contribute to low cholesterol eggs?

the only thing roosters contribute to an egg is fertilization so that it can hatch into a chicken or rooster