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Field Spaniels tails are usually docked, especially if they are used for work. The Breed Standard does not stipulate how much of the tail should be docked, but it is usually docked at around the second joint.

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Q: Do field spaniels have their tails docked?
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Why do springer spaniels get their tails cut off?

they get their tails docked for show

Are Brittany Spaniels born with tails?

Some Brittany Spaniels are born with long tails and some are born with tails that are naturally short. These dogs generally have their tails docked at birth.

Do cocker spaniels have tails?

yes they do, but now it has been banned to have their tails docked (cut very small at birth) so cocker spaniles have long tails now for their whole life

Are English springer spaniels born with stub tails?

No not usually unless they get them docked (cut stubby). Although that was banned i think last April so the spaniels tail would usually grow to a normal length unless docked for sporting or medical reasons.

On the website bullenboxerswebscom are the boxers tails docked?

Boxers tails are shown to be docked on

Why are schnauzers tails docked?

The reason why Schnauzers tails are docked is because judges at dog competitions find this more attractive. If you are planning on entering your schnauzer in a competition then you will find that most of the Schnauzers tails are docked.

Why do some dogs have short tails?

Because they get their tails docked.

Why are some terriers born without docked tails?

All dogs are born without docked tails, docking is a proceedure carried out by people which removes their tails.

What do they do with the tails of dogs when they get docked?

Usually a Veterinarian will dispose of the amputated tails.

Do lambs have tails?

Yes, they do but the tails are usually docked for hygienical reasons.

Why do cocker spaniels lie down funny?

it is not just cocker spaniels that lie down funny it is actually all dogs that choose to but cocker spaniels and other dogs that have their tails docked often find it comfier but no-one really knows why but it has been proven scientifically. (the term 'funny' means lying awkwardly on there side.)

Do Brittany spaniels have long tails?

No, the Brittany Spaniel should have a tail approximately four inches long that is either natural or docked. Any Brittany Spaniels with a tail longer than this length is heavily penalised in dog shows. (based on the American Kennel Club's breed standard)

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