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Yes you should leave the basking light on at night if you have a chilly house the other light acts as the sun in the day and if you leave that on your dragons will never sleep p.s I have one so if have any questions feel free to post anything up and I'll likely be able to give you and answer

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Q: Do you leave the basking light of a Chinese water dragon on over night?
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How do you alternate the Lighting for a bearded dragon?

You don't need to alternate the lighting for a Beardie. You need a reptile basking light and a UVB light and that's it.

Can your beared dragon bask in your jacket?

No they can't, they can be kept warm in your jacket but never bask. Only under a proper basking light will they bask.

Can you put a bearded dragon in a different vivarium with just a uv light and basking light with no heatpad?

No - you NEED to maintain the correct temperature range for the species ! The heat-pad provides general 'background' heat, while the basking light offers a localised 'hot-spot' and the UV light provides necessary ultra-violet spectrum.

Why is your bearded dragon not basking in his light?

There are many causes for this, the first and most common is that their light is too hot. Never use anything higher than a 75 watt bulb. One way to be sure of this is checking to see where your beardie is when he is not basking. If it is in shady areas this most likely means that the light is too hot.

Are red eared sliders aquatic turtles?

They are semi-aquatic. They need a basking light and a basking area such as a floating log or basking platform so that they can climb out of the water to bask. This is essential to their health. If a red eared slider doesn't have an area to bask and can't get out of the water, it's shell will get soft and it will eventually die. They need UVA and UVB light in order to process their food. Heat and light are essential for these turtles. Keep them in water around 70 degrees and provide a basking area and a basking light that has both UVA and UVB rays or two lights, including one UVA and one UVB bulb.

What do turtles like doing best during the day?

Basking in the sun or light, and eating

Is there any dragon with light and dark as elements in Dragon City?

there is dragon with light and dark elements . it is Eclipse Dragon

How many light bulbs does a leopard gecko need?

Its not light, its temperature. Ideal temp is 86 degrees with a basking area of around 90 - 92. If the cage is too hot the animals will stay in the coolest part of the cage. If too cold it will rarely leave the hot spot.

Which Dragon Fable dragon egg hatches into the light dragon?

the dragon egg

Should uvb light and basking light be turned off at same time?

It depends on your animal. Do some research and figure out what is best for your pet.

Do red eared sliders need a dry area?

Yes, red-eared sliders need a dry area to get out of the water. Above this area should be a turtle basking lamp. Aquatic turtles will bask daily. Basking keeps the turtle's skin and shell health from fungus while the UV in the light is needed for the turtles growth. Without a dry area and a basking light your turtle will not be healthy and happy.

What dragon's egg is blue with a lightning bolt on it in DragonVale?

A Current Dragon or a Hail Dragon. It depends what shade of blue it is. Dark blue is Current Dragon and light blue is Hail Dragon.