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You can soak the meat of a wild hog in brine before freezing it. This salty solution will help to eliminate the wild meat taste that many people do not like.

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Q: Do you soak the meat of a wild hog before freezing it?
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What kind of food Cheyenne eat?

The main foof historically (before reservation days) was buffalo meat in many forms: dried meat, strips of meat, baloney, sausage, steak, pemmican, meat filled intestine baked in coals and calf meat. Wild sweet potato, wild turnip, chokecherries and may other wild plant foods were gathered in season to add to this mainly meat diet.

Whats the bushmeat trade?

it is the illegal selling of poached meat from wild animals such as monkey or wild boar or elephant meat.

What do wild dogs eat?

Undomesticated (wild) dogs, like coyotes and wolves and dingos, eat meat. freshly killed meat.

What is the difference between a meat goat and market goat?

meat goat is wild

What is feedlot meat?

the production is a large number and taste is not good as wild meat.

Do wild mice eat turkey meat?

Wild mice like bologna.

What is the meat traditionally eaten at thanksgiving?

Venison, wild fowl, and wild turkey

How do you remove the bad taste of wild game meat?

It's not so much of a bad taste as it is that our taste buds have become conditioned to steroids & other chemicals that are present in commercial meat and a there is isually a lack of proper aging of the game meat. Fresh, unaged, beef has a much different taste than properly aged beef has. * Vinegar and water will do the trick. Soak the meat in a mixture of vinegar and water to remove, or at least to reduce, the "gaminess" in wild animal meat. Sauces can also help. Most contain some amount of vinegar. * Or, Smoke the meat and infuse it with hickory, mesquite, pecan or your own particular favorite flavor. * Age the meat properly. Bon appetit. if the wild game was feild dressed properly, u will not have a gamey taste Try soaking it in buttermilk overnight. The lactose in the buttermilk will remove the wild taste. It is recommended to do fish the same way.

How long is deer meat good before processing it?

You shouldn't let deer, or any wild game meat sit in the fridge for a long period of time. It should be unfrozen (on a plate in the refrigerator) and then cooked immediately.

What do hunters eat?

Hunter eat wild animals meat and berries,such as wild pig.

Can you eat wild turkey with gangrene?

No way. Do not ever eat wild meat that is contaminated. A rule of thumb for all wild meat. Even if it is domesticated do not eat it. It is better to be safe than sorry. MG

What was the diet in the 1750s?

The diet in the 1750s was mainly meat, bread and corn. The meat was mainly wild meat which was hunted and fish.