Does a penguin use camouflage

Updated: 6/30/2024
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yes with their white fur

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Yes, some penguins use a form of camouflage called counter-shading. Their black backs blend with the dark ocean depths when seen from above, while their white bellies match the sunlight filtering through the water when seen from below. This helps them remain hidden from predators and prey while swimming.

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Q: Does a penguin use camouflage
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How do penguins act as camouflage?

When a penguin is in the water, it swims usually with its belly down, and back up. Its back is black, so that to fish and predators who are above the penguin, the penguin's dark back blends in with the darkness of the depths of the ocean. For fish and predators who view the penguin from below, the penguin's white belly blends in with the brightness of the sky and the water's surface.

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