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Date Palm pollen does it.

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2013-01-23 12:38:27
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Q: Does bee pollen increase sperm
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Does sperm enhancement pills really work?

Bee pollen has been known to increase the volume of the load of sperm ejaculated during orgasm. Sperm pills are supplements that have been proven to increase semen volume and sperm count. Lot of research has been done on Sperm pills and today we can say they are pretty safe.

What are the nutritional qualities in bee pollen?

Bee pollen is protein.

Is there any difference between capsules or granule bee pollen?

There isn't any difference except your body doesn't have to dissolve the capsules of bee pollen. These are both used to rebuild the adrenal and increase energy.

What is another word for bee pollen?

Another way of saying bee pollen is bee bread. Bee pollen is full of nutrients and many health food stores carry it in capsule form so it is easy for people to get the benefits of bee pollen.

Is pollen equivalent to sperm in plants?

A pollen contains sperm cells therefore, a pollen is more than a sperm cell

What bee structure observes pollen grains?

The bee sees pollen with its eyes. It carries pollen because the pollen stick to the hind legs!

What is the urdu name of bee pollen?

مکھی جرگ

What are the benefits of bee pollen to athletes?

Bee pollen is often used by athletes to improve strength, endurance, energy, and speed. It is said to help muscles recover more quickly from exercise and to increase mental stamina.

What is b-pollen?

Bee pollen comes from a bee's body after he has visited many flowers. Health food stores often sell bottled bee pollen as purported remedy for a number of different things. Bee pollen as a treatment has not been backed by science, and really just takes valuable pollen away from the bee.

How does the pollen stick to the bumble bee?

Te bumble bee's fur is a kind of stickiness to make the pollen stick to the bumble bee.

Does bee pollen cause a person to be hyper very talkative?

Nothing is known about bee pollen causing hyperactivity in humans. There are, however, many benefits to eating or using bee pollen.

How much pollen can a bee carry?

It depends on the sise of the bee.

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