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On fire.

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Q: His mind was afire to know who they were. He rode his horse straight down to the shore Which best matches the meaning of afire?
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What is the body temperature of a horse fly?

The temperature of a horse fly matches it's surrounding environment since it is exothermic.

How do the prefix change the meaning in the word dismounted?

It reverses the meaning from "get on the horse" to get off the horse.

What can a horse do straight after birth?

make pancakes

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Two straight lines connected by one curve is the basic horse-shoe shape.

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Because Equis means horse, leading to Equine meaning horse, and equestrian meaning horse back riding.

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meaning wild horse

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Kiss at the horse and dont move your hands to the sides or turn them

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Like all animals, horses have a Latin name which is Equus callabius, Equus meaning "horse" and callabus meaning "steed".

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a horse is a *quadruped. meaning walks on four legs. =]

What is the meaning of to get on a horse?

mounting getting off a horse is called a dismount

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It means that riding on a horse is not allowed