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It would have to be very large. Lions and tigers need lots of space to roam and exercise. If you're someone who just wants one for a pet, you may want to reconsider. It won't be like raising a really big cat. They require different care and a different diet. (You couldn't just feed them a lot of cat food).

In addition to having a large secured area, the person must be licensed and all animals must be registered and under the care of a veterinarian who specializes in wild animals.

Also, only persons trained in the care of wild animals can obtain a license and they must be 100% insured and are subject to inspections without notice by the state's wildlife agency.

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For all the requirements for keeping large felids in captivity you really need to read this paper. This probably contains a lot more information than you were looking for but it does illustrate that keeping big cats in captivity is a very complicated operation.

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Q: How big an area do you need to keep lions or maybe a tiger?
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