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First answer: You could gently push it forward to try and get it to move.

Second answer: A rabbit that can't use its back legs is having a medical emergency! Broken backs are a common injury with rabbits, and this could be causing paralysis in the back legs. There are many possible causes but whatever the cause is, your rabbit needs vet care.

Bring your rabbit to a vet with experience in rabbits immediately. Without vet care, your rabbit's health will probably only get worse and worse: it won't be able to properly eat, drink, groom itself, or use the litter box. It probably can't reach it's anus which means it isn't eating cecotropes, and this can lead to serious digestive problems. It's probably in a lot of pain, which has serious impacts on health: pain control is a major part of any recuperation for a rabbit.

It's inhumane to deny your rabbit medical care under these circumstances. If you can't afford the vet, then you can't afford the rabbit, so contact local rabbit rescue groups (like a local House Rabbit Society chapter) or animal shelters and find a place where your rabbit will get the care it needs. Even if that means euthanasia: right now, your rabbit is suffering, and it deserves more than that.

If your rabbit is already under vet care, then ask the vet how you can help the rabbit recuperate. Rehabilitating a rabbit with a serious injury like this can take a lot of time, money, and effort. It's not a simple matter. You should seek advice from online rabbit forums (like Rabbits Online, and Etherbun).

Are you positive the cause is an injury? There are many illnesses that can cause hind leg paralysis in rabbits.

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it means your bunny is probably dieing its ok he will watch you from bunny heaven

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Q: How do I get my injured bunny to use its back legs?
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