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They jump.

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Q: How do frogs move on land?
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How does a frog move on land?

Frogs use their hind legs to move on land. Then use the hind legs to force their body to leap forward.

How do frogs appear in your pond?

Frogs are amphibious, they live on land and in water. They will move from one pond to another to find food and a mate.

What prevents frogs to live on land?

frogs do live on land. not all species of frogs live in water.

Can frogs go on land?

yes frogs can go on land, but they prefer water.

Why do frogs live in land?

Yes, frogs do live on land but they return to water for breeding and reproducing.

How frogs move from water to land?

they use a form of electromagnetic levitation only present in the most powerful amphibians, of which frogs belong to. Using these levitation powers they can also move from land to plasma and can sometimes read your mind so you will need to wear a cap made of tin foil to protect yourself my friend

How does frogs breathe on land and on water?

on land , frogs breathe with the help of lungs , and in water , with the help of gills.

How are frogs legs adapted to move on land?

Frog's legs are adapted on moving on land as the back legs are long and springy, enabling it to hop from place to place. from land to water to avoid predators

How are frogs able to live on land?

frogs can only live on land if they are wet, all animals from this catagory do this. However, frogs cant survive on land if they are dry. They way frogs breath is much different from most animals,frogs not only breath through lungs, but also through their skin. Frogs can only breath when wet.

How do adult frogs move?

On land, frogs jump. They are able to leap up to 10 times their body length. In water they use their powerful hind legs and webbed feet to push themselves forward.

What is a frogs special move?


What do green frogs move with?

their legs

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