How do rats breathe?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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Like humans, rats have lungs. So they breathe in from their mouths and noses.
with its nose
through their mouth

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Pretty much like any other mammal - with lungs.

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Yes rats breathe through lungs.

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Q: How do rats breathe?
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What is the function of rat lungs?

To help rats to breathe

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Do kangaroo rats need oxygen?

Yes. Kangaroo rats are mammals, and therefore need to breathe oxygen, like all vertebrates.

Is it safe for rats to breath smoke?

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Do rats have lungs?

Yes: rats are mammals so they breathe using lungs.

How does oxygen enter the rats lungs?

Rat, like all mammals, have noses and mouths which lead to the lungs. When rats breathe in the air, the oxygen travel to the lungs where gas exchange occurs.

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