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The webbed feet help the duck swim faster, just as flippers help us to swim faster.
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They help them swim faster, like Scuba gear.

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Q: How do the webbed feet of a duck help her to swim in water?
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How do webed feet help a duck?

The webbed feet help them swim faster.

Why ducks are good swimmer?

They have special adapted webbed feet so they can gracefully swim through water and to swim down to the bottom to eat duck weed.

How would Lamarck and Darwin have explained the a duck's webbed feet?

As a results of duck of geneticVariation in duck population. *some had webbed feet than others *as results of not having webbed feet to compete for their food *duck with unWebbed feet Died *duck with Webbed feet Survive this called Natural Selection *The characteristics of Webbed feet acquired and pass on to the subsequently generations *All duck had webbed feet

A turtle eating worms is an example of?

the main function of a duck’s webbed feet is to help the duck?

What type of adaptation is a duck webbed feet?

The ducks feet, being webbed, flat, and smooth help for a watery environment in 2 ways: # To swim better. # To walk on the soft, muddy soil around water.

What does a beavers webbed feet do?

Geese have webbed feet as an evolutionary adaptation for locomotion while floating on water. The webbed feet allow them to paddle around on the water.

Are webbed feet a physical adaptation?

"Webbed Feet" are feet that have a very thin and tiny "phalanges" They are like a duck or a chicken means you have feet like a duck where in between each toe theres this little web like thing there

Why do bats have webbed feet?

Bats have webbed feet as one of their adaptations. This will help them to float on water when they are swimming.

What animal has webbed toes and how does this adaptation help the animal?

this animal is a duck with a adaption to help live and swim in the water .,,,,.

Why are webbed feet useful to water birds?

Webbed feet help animals swim. There are many reasons that this helps them survive in their environment. It helps them swim, which helps them catch prey and escape predators. Webbed feet help beavers make their dam. They help animals just get around in general

How do webbed feet help penguins?

Webbed feet help penguins swim and waddle.

Why do alligators have webbed feet?

To help them swim ! Webbed feet push more water away than non-webbed.