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You give it time. Put it in a splint type thing, or take it to the vet, and give it time to heal. That's all I can say. Primary Advice: Take it to a vet. I don't want to be responsible for your Guinea Pig's leg to heal twisted or sideways.


You need to take the little guy to a vet as soon as possible do not try anything your self, if you try to heal the injury on your own you could make the broken bone worse and cause it to reform in the wrong position causing the guinea pigs leg to become usless. I wish you and your piggy well good luck. ;)

you should not try to heal your pig yourself.

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โˆ™ 2011-06-06 16:05:49
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Q: How do you heal a 4-month-old guinea pig's broken leg?
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How do you heal guinea pigs when they are sick?

Take them to a vet.

Will my guinea pig's broken arm kill him?

No.....your guinea pig's broken arm will not kill him. I am the owner of 2 guinea pigs and My guinea pig broke his arm just recently actually. He is not showing any sign of death or anything of that sort. For example: If a boy breaks his arm.....will he its the same with guinea pigs. Just let your guinea pig be for a few days and then maybe take hime to a good vet who can cure the problem and within days your guinea pigs will slowly heal.

Can a guniea pigs leg heal on its own?

It Depends On What Is Wrong With Your Guinea Pig

What do you do when a guinea pigs foots broken?

I have a guinea pig and so does my friend.When one of her guinea pigs broke their foot,they went to the vet, and the guinea pig got medicine for the pain.So just go to the vet!

Do guinea pigs lose teeth if they are not broken?

No, they do not. Guinea pigs' teeth constantly erupt throughout their life. Actually, even if the tooth is broken the guinea pig will generally not lose it - it will just get infected and cause a lot of problems until a veterinarian removes it.

Why can't guinea pigs spin on a hamster wheel?

Because their body is not built the same as a hamster. Their bodies are stout and compact, where as the hamster is much more limber and agile. The curvature of the guinea pig's spine does not allow them to bend the same direction as the hamster wheel and they can become caught in it or thrown from it. If they are injured by a hamster wheel it can be fatal. Guinea pigs will not heal well from broken bones.

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No!!!!!!!They are actually part of the rodent family.

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yes guinea pigs do get along with pigs and they wont eat the guinea pig. does this answer your question?

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What Fruit do guinea pigs eat??Do guinea pigs love running around??Do guinea pigs love to squeak??Can guinea pigs get colds/sick/sore throats/puke??

How much wheat grass can guinea pigs have?

The guinea pigs can have as much wheat grass the guinea pigs can have.

How many guinea pigs do guinea pigs have?

I have three

Are guinea pigs hypoallergenic?

Guinea pigs are not hypoallergenic.

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