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After 8 years of having a very defiant cat and not having it do what I wanted it to do... my cat Sophie, whom which I had when I was 8 (and as 8 year olds go, Sophie didn't like me very much.)

When I turned 16 of course I was a lot calmer (relatively speaking) but the years of poking and prodding didn't make her want to do anything she didn't want to do still...

I read a very interesting book - a reversible book with a guide to Dogs at the back and a Guide to cats at the front and in fact they weren't much disimilar.

I learned you can train a cat the same as you can train a dog, but the difference is you can't make a cat do anything.

The tip? You can make it WANT to do something.

And the idea with the cat is that you have to make it believe it's his/her idea.

How? Well, Sophie is now long gone but in her later years I could get her to imitate me if I wanted her to even miaow!

I've since had many other cats.

I made everything a game, whether it was for discipline reasons or for games - he learned that everything was okay and fun and he had a great respect when I said 'No' to something and silently walk away, then he noticed how the fun stopped and I NEVER had to tell him anything twice.

Show him what it is you want him to do....come out from under, go into, have a look at....anything really. Show or point or rub fingers together and LOOSE PERSISTENCE - do it once or twice and then let him make his mind up.

If he doesn't do it what you want him to do, leave him with the respect you have for his feelings and next time he'll be more intrigued - honestly!

A simple tip? Cat treats - always after the do something right or listen. The trick with this IS persistence - don't get bored you have to be intent!!

Cats are only independent because people believe that's how they are.

More so than a dog of course but they simply don't have as long legs as a dog so dont need a field to burn off excess energy. It doesn't mean they need any less attention, love or affection.

An hour a day, after dinner, before bed or in the morning - spend all the time you can. You'll find it so rewarding.


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Q: How do you make cats do what they are told to?
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