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I am so stupied

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Q: How does a redback spider move walk and swim?
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How do turtles move?

they swimOR THEY WALK ...they walk or swim ...

How do mammals move and comunicate?

walk run and swim

How do spotted turtles move?

the spotted turtles walk or swim.

What is the way that sea turtles move?

they swim and walk on 4 legs

How huskies move?

they walk, pounce, swim, stalk, run, jump

What do amphibians do to move around?

Ceacelians and salamanders walk or swim and frogs and toads can jump to move around.

How do frogs legs help them move?

Type your answer here... To jump, swim, and walk.

How spider monkeys move?

They walk sometimes especially to forage, but can swing from tree to tree to move through the forest.

Can a penguin move?

Yes, they can walk or sledge on land and can fly (swim) through water.

How do polar bears move from place to place?

They swim, walk, or ride an ice floe.

Can you swim in spider-man 3?

In The PS2 Version of the game no, you cannot, but you can "Walk Through" the water in Central park In the PC/PS3/Xbox 360 versions, you can swim in all water

How frog move in water?

i do agree they do move by feet. but it is how they move by feet. some have four legs, two, and some have zero. Some walk, run, hop, leap, and even swim. they move by walking or swimming or jumping