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live in tis

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Q: How does an African penguin adapt to its habitat?
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What is a natural habitat for a African penguin?

it is where it stays stupid people

How do African lions adapt to their habitat?

they eat plenty of chicken found in the souther half of antartica

How do African penguin survive in their habitat?

African penguin can surive because of how they swim very fast and keep hunting for food when a animal like a antarctic lions other wise yes they can survive.

Do African black-footed penguins live where is cold?

African Black-footed Penguin habitat is located at warm latitudes in rocky, sandy, coastal areas.

Where can you find pictures of a penguin's habitat?

Search "Penguin's Habitat" on Google Images.

What is the niche of an African penguin)?

A niche is the role that an organism plays in it's environment, so when finding the niche of the African penguin you have to consider, where it sits in the food web, it eats and limits the population of small fish such as pilchards, anchovies, horse mackerel, and sardines. It is a food source for sharks and fur seals, so without the penguin, these animals would become on the decline too. Therefore the African penguin Niche is to balance out the Marine Habitat.

How does a stonefish adapt to its habitat?

They adapt by camoflauging into the rocks!

Do rattlesnakes make their own habitat?

No, they just adapt to wherever they are. But the presence of a rattlesnake does change other animal's habitat.

When was African Penguin created?

African Penguin was created in 1758.

How do Seahorses adapt to survive its habitat?

they adapt by curling up there tail

How do hippopotamus adapt to their water habitat?

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How do mountain animals adapt to there habitat?

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