How does the black swallower reproduce?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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I could go all scientific on you, but to keep it simple, they are fish, so the male sprays his sperm in the water, and they happen to find there way to the eggs, which the female lays in the water. The sperm fertilize the eggs, and wallah! For more info, Google "External Fertilization" (but not at work) :)

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they swim with their fins on their back and they eat what they see.

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Q: How does the black swallower reproduce?
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Why is the black swallower not dangerous to humans?

Dangerous* lol..?

What does a black swallower?

The Black Swallower can eat any fish that is bigger than it's own size. I can eat bony fish. In most pictures, a Black Swallower has a snake mackerel in its transparent overstretched stomach.

What is a black swallower?

A black swallower is a fish of the species Chiasmodon niger, which is able to swallow species much larger than itself.

Where does a black swallower live?

they call it the 'Midnight Zone'

Do black swallower's live in the halal zone?


Is the black swallower fast?

yes it is very fast!

What do black swallower fish eat?

they eat anything that they can find under the water where they live.

What tropical waters the black swallower lives in?

The Black Swallower is an interesting fish. It can swallow a fish 3 times its size. It is found in deep seas. Some of its locations are: North Atlantic: tropical and temperate; including Gulf of Mexico, Southwestern Atlantic: Argentina.

How many sword swallower's are there in the world?

I herd a sword swallower there was only 60

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How do black truffle fungi reproduce?

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