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Feeding hay by the flake is a very flawed method and usually results in the horse getting too much or too little forage. You should always feed a horse based on weight. A horse needs 1 to 3% of it's body-weight in food daily, hay should make up from 100% to at the very least 60% of the diet.

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There are about 12-18 flakes in a bale of alfalfa depending on the size of the bale. Horse can consume about 20 lbs of hay a day.

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Q: How many flakes of hay should you feed your horse?
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How many flakes per day would a light working 1200 pound horse get?


What shall you feed your horse daily?

you can feed you horse hay, carrot and other vegges and dont forget grass

What pet shops sell horse feed?

Many local pet stores and pet store chains do not carry horse feed. If you are looking to buy in store, the best advice for you is to call. If you are trying to buy horse feed online, you have more options. Rucker and Steinhauser's offer horse feed, and they will deliver.

How many pounds of Horse feed is 8 quarts of Horse feed?

There is no standard answer because the density of the pellets vary too much. Take a quart of your feed and weigh it on a kitchen scale to get an accurate weight.

How many hay bails does a horse eat in a month?

There is no set number of bails per month that a "horse" will eat. Each bail of hay varies in the number of flakes it has in it (between 12 and 15 flakes) and an average sized horse (1,000 lbs) generally consumes 3-4 flakes per day if they are not also on pasture or other sources of feed. Ponies may consume less and draft horses may consume more... horses should be fed based on their weight as a rule. The real question is "how many pounds of hay should they eat?" Bales can vary from 30 to 150 lbs. You need to weigh them. Most 1000 pound horses should be given about 15 to 20 pounds of grass hay a day, if this is their only source of roughage (as with stalled horses). So with a "normal" 50 pound bale, that just under half a bale. You must also make a distinction between how much they SHOULD eat and how much they WILL eat. Many would eat almost a bale a day if you let them. What they do, when over fed, is pick out the best bits and trash the rest.

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How many flakes of hay a day do you feed one horse?

2 flakes

How many flakes of alfalfa do you feed a horse?

You should not feed by the flake but by the pound instead. Feeding by the flake is incorrect and can lead to obesity.

How many times a day should you feed your horse grain?


How many times do you need to feed a Clydesdale horse?

You should feed a horse, no matter what breed it is at a minimum twice daily. If the horse is getting grain, pellets, or another type of hard feed the meals should be divided into 3 pound servings to help prevent ulcers and bolting of the feed. hay should be provided around the clock as should water.

Can guinea pigs eat Corn Flakes?

yes but dont feed them to many

How many flakes do you feed a fish?

You can feed a fish 4-5 fish or how much it can eat within 1-3 minutes

How many carrots to feed horse?

I have a horse of my own named Mr.Finchly and he loves carrots so i asked my vet how many I should feed him. (mr.finch is 1500 pounds) and my vet said about 4 or 5 carrots would be plenty

How many flakes a day do you feed a 15 hand horse with 4 qt of grain?

Feeding by a flake and quart or scoop method is very incorrect and can cause weight and health problems in horses. A horse should be fed based on it's body weight, typically 1.5% to 3% of it's bodyweight. The horses height really plays no part in assessing the amount of food the horse needs. As an example a 1000 pound horse would need 15 to 30 pounds of food a day (1.5% to 3%). The majority of it should be forage such as hay or grass and if the horse needs the extra calories, then a grain or pelleted feed can be added.

How many flakes per day would a light working 1200 pound horse get?


How many pieces of goldfish flakes should a fish eat?

for every inch your goldfish is give it 4 flakes

How many times do you feed a balloon belly molly fish?

Feed tropical fish flakes twice daily as much as it will consume in three to five minutes.

How many flakes do you feed 3 white cloud minnows per day?

2 twice a day for each of them.