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335 hp

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Q: How many horses power is in a 383ci magnum engine?
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What is the all around better engine... the 4.7 magnum v8 or 3.9 magnum v6?

4.7 more power same mileage!

What do you have to buy to build a stock 1996 camaro z28 so it will have 900 horse power?

ATI Procharger set up. And 383ci.

What is the actual horse power of a 440 magnum engine?

Depends on the year a model vehicle it is installed in.

How much horse power in a 360 engine?

Stock Dodge Magnum 360 engine in the Ram was rated at 245hp/335ft-lbs of torque.

How do you compare a turbo charged engine and a normal engine quantitatively in terms of power output and efficiency?

How many horses, and how much gas mileage...power/effeciency

How do I increase power on a 318 engine?

Non magnum 318, edlbrock makes a head/cam/carb/intake kit. header would be good. Like any engine need to get more air in/out. Magnum heads are a cheap alternative if <400hp is needed.

How much horse power did the Plymouth roadrunner with 383 engine have?

the 383 magnum engine roadrunner in 1969 had 335 horse, the 1968 383 roadrunner had 325 horse.

Which is the power of the engine and the maximum speed of the dodge magnun 1978?

The power of the engine and the maximum speed of the 1978 Dodge Magnum are 150 hp (112 kW) and 190 mph (310 km/h) respectively.

What is 650hp power ingen?

It is an engine with 650 horsepower. The equivalent of six-hundred and fifty horses.

How do you estimate the horse power of an engine?

Get a horse and carriage next to the car, and test, incrementally adding more horses.

What does horsepower mean in vehicle?

The word Horse Power was created when Thomas Savery made an engine and named it after how many horses approximatly it would take to do what the engine does.

How much horse power does a magnum 4.7 have?