How many sheep in china?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: How many sheep in china?
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Which country is home to the most sheep?


Do rams live in China?

Rams (the male of the sheep) live in abundance in China.

What country is home to the most sheep?

China as of 2011

What is edible sheep's gland?

Part of a sheep that is in a spicy soup what Paul Merton ate in Beijing, China.

What types of animals lived in the north china plain?


Which 5 countries have highest sheep population?

China has the largest sheep population in the world - 130 million sheep (Australia is second with 115 million). China's sheep are the fat tailed variety and are raised mainly for meat, but also for milk and other dairy products such as cheese and yogurt. Generally the wool quality of these sheep is low, however there are some exceptions

Where can you find the most sheep on the planet?

The country with the most sheep is China, with 187,000,000 million sheep. Next are India, Australia, Sudan, and Iran. These figures are from February of 2014.

What is the name of the large sheep that graze in the rocks and land of china?


What conuntry has the most sheep?

China has the most sheeps but maybe next year Australia will have more sheeps then China.

Which country has twice as many sheep as people?

California has the second highest sheep numbers in the US, with 680,000 sheep. This inforamtion is from an American Sheep Industry brochure titled United States Sheep Industry available online.

What animals do the have in China?

anything that moves yes.....even babies

What is the top state in sheep production?

Texas leads the nation in sheep production.