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7....But you should keep an good watch on them.

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Q: How many snails is to many in a 30 gallon tank holding 12 tropical fish and 1 goldfish?
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Can you put snails in a goldfish bowl?

As long as they are not tropical. They like to eat algae and it is good if you have a lot of algae in your tank.

Can goldfish live with snails?

I used to have snails with my goldfish and they got along swimmingly!

Can you put a goldfish with a snail?

You can do this, however, please note that it is not recommended. Goldfish are coldwater fish which makes finding a suitable snail for a coldwater tank very difficult since the majority of snails sold at pet/fish stores are tropical. It is also likely that if you were to put a snail in with a goldfish the goldfish would probably harass it (i.e. trying to eat it, bumping into it, knocking it down).

What can you put in a pond for algae with goldfish?


What eats a snails?

Goldfish CAN eat garden snails if you break their shell open first.

How long can snails live in an aquarium with goldfish?

they can't

How do you stop goldfish eating snails?

feed it more often

Do Dalmatian mollies get along with goldfish?

Goldfish should only live with goldfish except for a few exceptions such as a bristlenose pleco or apple snails for example

Are snails tropical?

There are tropical, temperate and arctic snails. In fact, there are between 60 000 and 80 000 different types of snails and slugs inhabiting all sorts of different environments. See the related links for more information on snails.

What organisms are algae eaters?

Just to name a few: Plecostomus. Ask in the pet store if they have plecos. If you have goldfish, Don't get a pleco, as plecos are nocturnal and goldfish are not, whe the goldfish are in their state of rest, a pleco finds the vital protective slime coat of a goldfish quite tasty. they have also been known to suck the eyes out of some fish. they really do prefer a heated tank. Plecos can grow really big, so make sure you have a very large tank. other algae eaters for your aquarium include: Mystery/Apple snails (these breed like rabbits, so get one, or if you have a pet store near you that are willing to take the young snails off you hands, get multiple snails) Cory catfish (these would only survive in tropical tanks, as they are tropical fish).

What kind of conditions do water snails live in?

I recommend anything with water and space for the snails to eat. Basically any freshwater fish tank with be okay for the snails. I must tell you though, never to put snails in with beta fish because sometimes the beta fish will try to eat the snail so i recommend putting them in with goldfish or some other freshwater fish. I have a 10 gallon freshwater tank with a common goldfish and a golden inca snail and they live happily together. I hope this helps!

Can a goldfish be with a ghostshrimp?

No, Goldfish belong with goldfish with a few exceptions such as weather (dojo) loaches, apple or mystery snails, or bristlenose plecos; but only if you have a large enough tank.