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You can put a hamster in the ball as much as you want. The average time you want your hamster in there for exercise is about 15 minutes, but my hamster loves it so much that he goes in for 30. It all depends on the type of hamsters and how athletic they are! hope this helps

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Q: How many times a day should you put it in the hamster ball?
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How many times a week should hamsters go in the exercise ball?

everyday. a hamster needs it's exercise a lot. I hope i helped.

How many time should you feed a hamster?

Just make sure they have fresh food at all times!

How many times a year should a hamster visit a vet?

at least once or twice a year depending on how old it is.

How many times a week do you clean a hamsters cage?

if there is 1 hamster in the cage once a week should do the trick if there are 2-4 try cleaning it 2 or 3 times a week this is coming from a hamster breeder and owner

How many times should the player hit the ball in volleyball?

Each player can only hit the ball once in a row.

How many days a week should i give my hamster a treat?

4 or 3 times a week truss me if you give them everyday they will get diareah

How many times a week do you clean out dwarf hamster?


How many times have the capital of Texas moved?

9 times, my hamster toffe rules!!

Can hamsters figure out who their owners are after three weeks with living with them?

I should think so if you interact with it many times. If your hamster is just left to be on it's own, no!

How many times do you need to bathe a hamster?

None! Hamsters groom themselves.

How many days should a hamster be pregnant?

It depends on the species, gestation periods range from from 16 days for the Syrian hamster, and up to to 30 days for the Dwarf hamster.

Why should you get a hamster?

You should get a hamster because they make great companions. Not pets, companions. As you bond you will become even more great friends with your hamster!