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The longer the better, and it all depends on you and your schedule. A lone parakeet will benefit and be tamer the longer you spend together.

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Q: How much time each day should a parakeet spend outside of its cage?
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Should you remove the male parakeet out of the cage with egg and the female parakeet?


How big should a parakeet's cage be I don't want to spend a lot of money?

The smallest it can be is 18 in. Length, 18 in. Width and 24 in. Height. How much would you want to spend? It also depends on how many parakeets you get. Also, the bigger the cage the more comfortable it'll be.

Should a male parakeet cage mate be male or female?


Do you need to play with a parakeet all day?

Well parakeets need to be out of their cage for t least an hour a day, you can have it out longer but if your bird is one that does not like to be messed with I would suggest letting it on top of the cage and carring it just occasionaly.

I have a dog and am looking to get a parakeet will this bother my dog?

OK if u buy a parakeet nothing will happen.

Should you clean the parakeet cage when there is an egg present?

no. it is just like touching an egg

Can you keep a cockatiel in a parakeet cage?

Parakeet cages are generally very small, so I wouldn't recommend it. A rule of thumb is that a bird must have a large enough cage to be able to fully spread his wings, and it must be deep enough so that the bird's tail isn't damaged. Unless the parakeet cage in question is fairly large, then it should be fine. Also remember that the smaller of a cage you buy for your cockatiel, the more out-of-cage time you should provide him.

Can you have a rare parakeet and a budgie in the same cage?

A budgie and a parakeet are the same thing.

Can you keep an Alexander parakeet in the same cage as a budgerigar?

No you can't the Alexander parakeet.

Can you have an English and American parakeet in the same cage?

YES, but only after the American parakeet beats the English parakeet in a revolution.

Would a mustache parakeet keep talking if a budgie parakeet is in a separate cage?

not if there freinds

Can a parakeet live in a zoo?

if you mean catch a parakeet and put it in a cage in the zoo , then yes.