How smart are gordon setters?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Gordon Setters are a very intelligent breed. They do have a high energy level, and tend to get bored if their minds aren't stimulated.

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Q: How smart are gordon setters?
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Are English setters hypoalergenic?

No dog is truly hypoallergenic, and setters are definitely not a breed that some people consider 'hypoallergenic' or low allergy.

How did the Gordon setter breed of dog get its name?

A Gordon Setter is a large breed of dog, a member of the setter family that also includes both the better-known Irish Setter and the English Setter. It wasn't until the late 1700s that this breed was established as the Gordon Castle setter due to the fact that Duke Alexander the 4 th of Gordon kept several of these dogs at his castle. The tradition to breed the finest setters continued with the Duke of Richmond after Duke Alexander's passing. Around 1900, the Gordon setter's name was changed back to the black and tan setter, but was restored to the name Gordon setter when the breed was registered with the English Kennel Club.

Do Setters shed?

Minorly. If you keep them well-brushed, using steel combs, malting brushes, then they don't shed much on people/clothes/rugs/sofas

What Class is the Airedale Terrier in?

In the USA they're probably in the terrier class. Airedales are a hunting/working dog, bred as water spaniels to hunt otters. Many of our domestic dogs come from hunting water spaniels; I have Gordon setters, the biggest of all the setters, bred (so it's said) by the Scottish Earl of Gordon. I have to keep the boy's water bowl in the bathtub because he'll attack it and spread water all over the place. Maybe he hopes to find an otter or a possibly a duck. If you have an Airedale you are lucky indeed; they're a marvellous breed! One of the good websites for your breed is a Canadian site, here:

What is the difference between setters retrievers pointers and spaniels?

The setters in the dog world do both kill and retrieve. They set or crouch behind prey and bring it down. The retrievers get the prey after the master shoots it. The pointers point to the prey for the hunters to shoot. The spaniels flush out prey for the master to shoot in the air.

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How heavy are English Setters?

English Setters weigh from 29 - 36 kg.

Are red setters red?

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Yes, the English Setters do bark alot especially when people knock on the door.

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