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Tigers are the strongest big cat of all. They can take down large animals like buffalo and Asian rhinos on occasion. They have even been known to kill elephants.

There are reports of individual tigers who have performed amazing feats of strength. For example, a tiger was said to have jumped a five foot fence with a 200 pound calf in it's mouth. In another report, one tiger dragged a bison carcass 15 yards, when 13 men could not even budge it. The carcass weighed 1700 pounds. Still another report about a tiger was that it was seen breaking a bull gaur's neck by grabbing it under the throat with one paw and twisting the head around with the other.

Gaurs are formidable bovine animals with a body length of approximately ten feet, a height at the shoulder of around six feet or more and weights typically between 1500 to 2200 pounds. For one animal to attack and kill another animal of this size, its strength would be astounding.

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Q: How strong are tigers?
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