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First litters are usually small, but not necessarily small puppies, and after the 1st litter, depending on the breed, the litters can get larger. Some dogs have up to 16puppies, but the average is 8 for large breeds, 6 for medium breeds and 4 for small breeds.

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Q: If the dog was breed more than once how many pup's will she have?
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How many shark pups will be born at once?

24 pups at once

How many pups are usually born when wolves breed?

Normally two to six pups, depending on how healthy the she-wolf is.

How many pups can a pit bull have in a liter?

We used to breed pit bulls and sell them....(NOT for fighting!!!) And Princess, (the alpha femal) once had a litter of 9 puppies.... but thats just from my experience....

Why do dogs have more than one pup?

yes a pup once had 12 pups in once

How many puppies can a large dog have?

it depends on the breed but it can be a minimum of 6 or 8 but the maximum can be up to 12 pups

Do you have to be registered to breed dogs?

No But it is a good idea to make sure that the dogs you are breeding are KC registered in the UK and once the pups have been born they are KC registered

How do you breed pups on harvest moon ds?

You cant sorry

Should I let my dog breed again when she comes into heat after having a litter of pups?

you can if you want to it just means more puppys

How many babies does a wolf have at once?

They have 5 to 6 pups per litter. as long as they have IT for.

How many pups can dog have at once?

I think that they only 10 or 8 something like that.

What do you do when are akita has puppies?

I would suggest selling the pups at a high price. Akita's may not be rare, but they are a noble breed and they are useful for many different things. Be aware that many Akita buyers are willing to buy up to four pups, of mixed sex, to breed them and sell the litter. Yes, i understand this is the dog equivalent to incest, though it is useful, because the pups will most likely survive longer.

How much does a Great Pyrenees cost?

A well breed Pyr can cost $1000 or more. If they cost any less they have not been breed properly nor have they been taken care of while pups.