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If you buy a dog house, the dog will not use it until you train it to go in the dog house.

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Q: If you buy a dog house will the dog use it or do you have train it go in the dog house?
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How o you potty train a dog with out a dog door?

This actually takes two steps to accomplish. First, you have to house train the dog and then you train him/her to use the door. When I wanted my Scottie to use the dog door I would put a treat outside and then push him through the door/flap. After a few times of doing this he got the idea that he could go out the door, but you have to house train him first and then do the door.

What are the most easiest way to train your dog?

Discipline, treats, or some people use flickers which you can buy at PetsMart. It also depends on what kind of dog you have.

Why is it better to use a kennel or crate to potty train a dog?

Dogs will not use the bathroom in a place they feel is their home. Crates are easy to clean and can be moved from room to room to help the dog adjust to your house so he will know the entire house is his home and he should not use the bathroom inside.

Would shocking a dog really train it?

Yes, it can and will train a dog if used properly. Dog Shock Collars can be used for a variety of training purposes, for obedience training, to deter barking, to keep your dog within your yard, or for hunting. it is important to remember that that Dog Training Collars don't train your dog, you do. You should research using Shock Collars for your specific situation before you buy a Dog Training Collar and read all the relevant material that comes with your specific model after you buy it, and before you use it. Another View:It would teach it a lesson, but not train it, it would hurt.

Can you train a dog to poo on toilet?

One can train a dog to use the toilet by following one of several different methods. Some ways that one can train a dog to use the toilet are: taking them to a dog trainer, utilizing dog training books, or watching dog training videos on YouTube.

How do you train a old dog?

it does not really matter how old the dog is, if you dog reacts to food use chicken or cheese or if they prefer use their favourite toy to train em.My opinion is obedience school.

How do you train a dog to whine when it need to use the bathroom?

learn dog talk learn dog talk

On Sims Pet Stories for PC how do you teach your dog to use the agility equipement?

You just have to click "Train dog" With the sim, and have them train the dog until the dog fully knows it. It will take a while.

What do you do if your 2 year old dog just started to pee in the house instead of going outside?

they believe gold comes out out once a year- im a dog expert im dr.polianai

How do your dog make your dog lesson to your comands?

i train labs ,but every breed has a traing book . I use WATERDOG .

How do I train this dog?

Get a book, make sure that he/she knows that you are the alpha "dog" of the pack, and use patience and practice. Good luck!

When you adopt a pet are you supposed to tame it?

You can train it you know obedience not to use the bathroom in the house most pets are tame if it tries to bite you push down on the tung spread your fingers out like claws and pin the dog on the groutd hold the dog on its side