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Four. 7-3=4 My three fish died the same way. - Tyler Kite

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Q: If you have seven fish in a pool one drowns one dies and one goes kaboom how many fish are left?
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If you have seven fish in a pool one drowns one dies and one goes boom how many fish are left?

there's five left

If there are seven fish in a pool and one drowns how many are left?


What happends if a fish's tail had been bitten off by another fish?

It simply drowns!

If you have 3 fish and one drowns how many do you have?

3 Fish. 2 live and one dead. 3 one dead and 2 alive wtf

If you have two goldfish and one drowns so how many goldfish do you have?

A goldfish is not from the fish type of anabantid (labyrinth fish) who would actually really drown if they do not swim up to the water surface to breathe.

When a fish dies why does the other fish eat it?

When a fish dies other fish eat it because it might be hungry or it depends on what kind of fish you have that will eat the dead me when I have a dead fish my Osacar fish eats the fish because it a type of fish that eats other fishes.hope it helps. Bye

When a fish dies in aquarium what to do?

Get a small Aquarium Fish Net, get the body of the Fish, put it in the toilet.

Is it harmful for fish if a clam dies?

No. It's not.

What does monkey fish eat?

nothing,,it dies.

Which fish dies after laying its eggs?


What happens if a fish loses its tendrils?

It dies

What happens to the body of a fish when it dies?

It starts to smell like a dead fish.