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Sand 100%! Never use sawdust! Sawdust can severely damage a horse's lungs! And if the horse is pregnant, It can also damage the baby before it is even born! sand is almost just as bad but at the same time not nearly as bad. If I were you, I would use alfalfa, and lots of it. A woman I used to work for would only use that in her stalls, and when we would muck them, she would have us put more in there. She would always say, "I want to be able to eat off those stall floors." That is what I suggest for you and your horse.

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Q: Is a sand or sawdust stable better for seedy toe?
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{Sand+Sawdust}------Sieving--->{Small particles: sand}+{Large particles: sawdust}

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Bedding is better otherwise the sad will get in their eyes. Sand should only be used in a sand bath so they can clean themselves.

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